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I have a wide range of experience doing web design in many fields. The markets i've done work in are: Advertising, Social Media, Multi-media, Entertainment, Travel, Exercise and Financial.

With a strong background in Web Design and Web Development, I strive for high standards and innovation.

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  • Advanced Acupuncture


    An innovative Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, dealing with a wide range of disorders and conditions.

    Advanced Acupuncture
  • GoodQi


    A gentle caregiver in Acupuncture, Massage and Nutrition. The center deals with many conditions and accepts all types of health coverage.

    Good QI
  • Johnnys On The Spot


    Preparing for any disaster or emergency is not just a matter of having the necessary supplies or equipment.

    Johnnys On The Spot
  • California State Assembly


    Vote for Michael Cacciotti for state assembly. Addressing challenges to stay competitive and relevant in the growing global economy.

    Michael for State Assembly
  • Springworks


    Springing teaches the technology of a dancer, a rock climber, a trapeze artist, and a tai chi practicer

  • Secret-Africa


    Affordable and Fabulous African Safaris.

  • No Place Like Ohm


    Yoga involves the activities of the mind function together harmoniously creating balance in our lives.

    No Place Like Ohm
  • Blooming Bellys


    My goal is to assist many women in their journey through pregnancy and birth.

    Blooming Bellys
  • American Sailing Association


    The leading authority on sailing instruction & sailing schools in the United States.

  • Cody LePow


    Music website

    Cody LePow
  • Yvonne Mason


    Yvonne Mason has been a food and dining editor since 1975. She has been a member of the Southern California Restaurant Writers since 1990 and was president of S.C.R.W. for four years.

    Yvonne Mason

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